Is your child learning to read and learning to count? Are you looking to start preparing them for school? Are you looking for an early beginner reader and counting book? Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear your child reading and counting back to you?

Well the right early reader and counting books can help!

This book is designed to help beginner readers in the early stages of reading and counting.

Repetition is the key when it comes to them learning how to count and read. Pointing to the words and counting out aloud while pointing will really help them move forward towards fully understanding and remembering how to count.

We’ve used bright and vibrant colors throughout the book to keep them both interested and recent studies ahve shown that colors really help them associate memories and recall them over and over again. Repetition is key to building confidence and allowing them to shine both for themselves and for you.

All the pictures are hand-drawn and full of character, your child will love them!

So buy this book now and start sharing in the magic of reading and counting together…

I can Count

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